Piece palette and drag behaviour

Hi again,

something odd I noticed in my new module and which I cannot explain. OS is MacOS 10.13.1, VASSAL 3.2.17.
When I set my preferences to “Combined applicaton window”, I can draw pieces from the 1st (integrated) piece palette only, but not from a second or higher (floating) one.
If I un-check this preference, all piece palettes float, and I can draw pieces from all of them.

I checked my older modules, they also behave like this. It looks like something has changed for the worse, somewhere, presumably in the OS environment (since the VASSAL version did not change).

Did anybody else experience this?

Another odd thing I do not remember having problems with: When I drag a piece (or a card from a stack), the drag motion sometimes (always?) acts as a selection rectangle, selecting lots of things in its path on diagonal dragging. You can imagine the confusion this may cause …

Update Java to latest to fix the non-drag issue. Selection rectangle on drag issue remains.

Thanks for the reply. I won’t do this (undisturbed function of the Adobe stuff takes preference), but good to know anyway. At least I can mention it in the docs now.