$PieceName$ of masked chit shows differently in stack viewer compared to move message (in log)

a deck of chits is used as random events. they are placed face down (masked) on the turn track and revealed as the turn progresses. they do not belong to any side. any player may reveal them and no player should see an info until a chit is revealed to all players

if any player moves the chit, the message log shows the $PieceName$ as the masked name (as was expected)

however the stack viewer show the $PieceName$ in the unmasked name (masked name) format to which ever player dealt out the chit at the beginning of the turn.

vassal q pic 1 Capture

changing to another player, they see the “masked name” in the stack viewer (as expected)

vassal q pic 2 Capture

info1: the unmasked name is from each pieces Basic Name trait
info2: the “Allow non-owners to unmask pieces” global option is set to Always.

Q1) why is the $BasicName$ not the same in both usages? due to being owned by the dealing player?

Q2) is there a trait/property I can use in the stack viewer to detect a masked component? so I can not display the item via the stack viewer when masked

Q3) I could have sworn i saw something like SecureName being used in another module. Did I dream this? :wink:


See the very bottom line of the Mask trait reference:

This trait sets the Property ObscuredToOthers=true when the piece is masked.

I don’t know with 100% certainty that this’ll work in the stack viewer config, but it’s what I’d try first.


Thanks for the quick reply. The ObscuredToOthers did not seem to work as expected but that could just be me.

What does work is turning off the stack viewer for those pieces that are masked and should not be visible to any side until unmasked. It’s a kludge but it will do for now. I could refactor the layers, and their visibility, as another solution.