Place Marker Behavior

I have a Prototype that uses a Place Marker. When you right-click on the counter and invoke it, it places a marker on top of the counter. However, they are not in a pile. I can’t double-click the marker to separate it from the counter and mouse-over only shows the marker. I can delete the marker and see the counter. Why aren’t they stacking like I’ve seen in other modules?

Your Map Window has the Game Piece Layers feature active. The ATGM prototype is assigning all pieces using that prototype to the drawing layer “Middle” due to the Marker trait pictured at the top of the trait list. The Out of Ammunition marker is not assigned to any of the 3 defined Game Piece Layers, therefore it won’t stack with any pieces that are in those Game Piece Layers and will draw above all of them.The quickest route to getting that marker to stack with the piece that places it is to copy the Marker trait into its definition (property name GPL, value Middle).

Thanks, that did it. I didn’t create this module and haven’t used Game Piece Layers before. I’m not even sure why it was used in the module because it seems like everything is set to middle! I thought setting the prototype would be enough, but I set it on the marker in the prototype and it works. Was banging my head against the wall on this one!