Placing a Bridge/Ford/Unfordable Marker on Hex Edge

Howdy Gents,

Every counter in the game fits in a hex … except … the Bridge/Ford/Unfordable counter, which sits on a hexside.

How do I make this the ONLY counter that fits on a hexside?

Presuming that you don’t want to turn on the ‘Snapping allowed to hex sides’ option, then you have 2 options.

Easy option is to just make the Bridge/ford counter non-stacking so you can drop them anywhere.

The Hard option requires a bit of work into making a special counter.

You will need to create a counter that is big enough to cover the whole hex, plus a bit of the nearby hexes, but most of it will be transparent, except where the bridge/ford part is. The counter will still snap to the hex center, but the visible part will be up on the hex edge.

If you hexes are exactly regular, you can just rotate this image to fit the 6 sides. More likely, you will need to create 6 layers, one to suit each orientation. Then play around with layers to get it out of the way of other counters.

Another alternative to play with for option 2 is to create layers with offsets that push the bridge/ford graphics off to the hex edges.

Thanks Much, appreciate the help.