Placing a marker from the toolbar

Is there a technique to place a marker on the selection counter(s) from the toolbar? Currently I have, for instance, Fired as a Place Marker command on various counters but if there are information counters over the counter that is firing, one needs to expose the appropriate counter and give the appropriate command. Which certainly works, but I’m investigating if there is a way to do things on a more global level.

Ideally I’d like to have a button/menu for the major Place Marker commands that, when pressed, acts like a Place Marker on the active stack(s). Possible?

Try a Global key command–it creates a toolbar button that will a key command to any number of pieces on the board.

Well, that’s the thing, I don’t want the piece commands to be triggered. Example: There are 2 squads in a stack. I’d like a button to place a single Fired on top of the 2 squads. If I simply give a CTRL-F to the selected counters, I’ll end up with 2 Fired counters (the same as if I’d just pressed CTRL-F on the stack without the toolbar menu).

Conceptually a bit like Return To Deck where something is applied to a collection rather than applied to the children of the collection. I suspect the feature doesn’t exist though.

I guess I’ll just go with a common marker bucket like VASL.