Placing Cards Sideways

I would like the cards to be placed in the Deck sideways as well as when discarding them. How do I go about doing this?
At the moment the cards are always vertical instead of horizontal.

You could define a zone with the same boundaries as the deck.

  1. Define a dynamic property ‘isHorizontal’.
  2. Give the cards the Can Rotate trait with 4 facings.
  3. Have the map with the decks, and any map that will receive cards directly from the decks, send a keystroke to all pieces ending movement on the map. I use CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-T (‘Trigger’) for all such purposes.
  4. On that keystroke, have two triggers:
    4a) One trigger checks isHorizontal = false && CurrentZone =~ DrawDeck|DiscardDeck (or whatever you name the zones); have it rotate the card 90 degrees CW and set isHorizontal = true
    4b) The other trigger checks isHorizontal = true && CurrentZone !=~ DrawDeck|DiscardDeck; have it rotate the card 90 degrees CCW and set isHorizontal = false
    Will this be triggered with a Return to Deck command? I don’t know. If it isn’t, write a trigger that rotates the card, sets your dynamic property, and then returns to deck, and call it ‘Return to Deck’.

However, why bother? I’d leave them vertical.

Another question is, when drawing a card from a deck it’s not always the top card that is drawn. How do I fix that if I want to only draw the top card?

If you’re talking about a deck that is set to Always Shuffle, you can’t. The Always Shuffle option doesn’t really mean the deck is always shuffled …it just means that when you draw a card from the deck, it will always be a random card. If you select the right-click shuffle option, the deck will stay “as is” once it’s shuffled and you can then draw the top card. But, of course, you’ll have to right-click it every time you want to shuffle it.

After reading over your questions, it sounds like you’re trying to accomplish some ideas that can be complicated to implement. If we had a better idea of the play system involved and the reasons behind what you’re trying to do, we may come up with some simpler ways of accomplishing the same thing.