Player Board Rotation


I’ve been playing with the module editor, and am wondering if there is a way that each player connected to the game can see his or her side of the board at the bottom of the screen. For example, making each player at the bottom of their own screen in chess when connected in net play. My game would need to have four to six such board orientations.

Failing this, can I rotate an entire board every turn, such that the same effect is achieved by each player pressing a button at the start and/or end of their turn? It would be useless if the pieces did not also orient themselves either separately on each screen or to automatically respect the new “bottom” of the board.


A map in Vassal is static.

I suppose you could have the map as a game piece, which could then be rotated. I’ve never tried this but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work just fine.

Getting all the cards and game pieces to move with the board when it’s rotated would be the tough part.