Player boards varying for number of players

I’m making a VASSAL module for History of Civilizations, on BGG at (This is a print-and-play redesign of 7 Ages by ADG, by the way.) In the game, each player controls multiple empires that can start, grow, fade, and be discarded as the game progresses.

I’ve created a “player board” map in photoshop to store the force pool and all the other information you need to know about each empire, and I’m sure I can look at other modules to see how to hand “Return to Force Pool” commands and the like for the pieces in each pool.

Here’s my question though: The number of empires each player controls varies by the number of players - in a 3 player game, each player controls 8, but in a 5 player game, each player controls 5, for example. I know I could make 25 different little boards for each empire, but that is a hassle for a player who wants to scan their empires to make a decision about what to do each turn. What I’d like is to have one ‘board’ which stitches together the empire boards that each player controls, so they can look at the situation as a whole; the number of empires on the board would vary based on the number of players in the game.

Can anyone point me at a module that implements this, or give me any tips?

Thanks in advance!


In case anyone reads this later - it may or may not be possible to do what I asked, but what I decided to do was give each player a big enough board for all the empires they might need no matter how many players. The players can resize their windows to see only the ones they need to. It would be interesting to see a response to my question, though.