Player Switch to Turn On/Off Movement Log

I have six questions related to The Russian Campaign module I have been working on. If I list them as one entry, someone else who may have the same question may not find anything on a search, so I believe that I best will separate and list each.

I am not breaking my promise to never do VASSAL again. This is just a continuation of what I have been doing.

  1. I turned off the Movement Log in the Module Editor. Some folks may regard the Movement Log as essential. Is there a way to construct a switch so that a Player can to turn the Movement Log on and off while playing the module?


Answer: In Module Editor Global Options, Auto-report Moves has three options: Always, Never, and Use Preferences Settings.

Selecting the “Use Preferences Settings,” the player upon opening the module can click File \ Preferences and on the General tab, click box in front of Auto-report Moves to place check mark if Movement Log is desired. Leave blank if Movement Log is not wanted.