Player to move a card to their own discard pile


I haven’t been able to figure the following and I’d like to ask you for help.

  1. I have 4 player sides, each of the players placing their card from their hand, on the main board. What I would like to implement is that when individual players right click on that card, they’re given an option to “collect” that card, moving it to another zone on the main board. Individual player, moving the card, when commanded, to a zone belonging to a player. So in essence, to make the target zone “Player Side” dependent.
  2. Additionally I would like to limit the ability to preform the above action when the card is in a specific zone, specific to an individual player.

Put together:
Make an option available to a player when a card is in a player dependent specific place and make the result, moving to a location, dependent on the player side.

I hope I’ve put this in understandable terms.