Playing Sounds when Pieces are placed on the board SOLVED!

I’m sorry if I seem like I’m swamping the forum here but I’ve got yet another question as I only need to figure this and the dice problem out to be finished with my first module.

Is there a way that I can play sounds that would be triggered when a player drags a piece to play?


Yes. In the Map properties add a key to apply to all pieces that end
movement on the map (lets say CTRL X).

In your pieces add a numeric Dynamic property called PlaythisSound, range
0-1, value 0, with a key command ALT X that sets the value to 1. Also a
Trigger Action that listens for CTRL X and executes SHIFT X and ALT X with a
PME of CurrentMap = nameofyourmap && PlaythisSound = 0.

At module level you add your Action Button with sound file that executes

So what basically happens is the piece moves onto the map causing its
trigger to activate which plays the sound and changes its DP from 0 to 1

The reason we do this is so that if the piece moves again or anytime
thereafter it will not play the sound again because the trigger will fail
the PME as the DP is no longer value 0. The DP acts as the preventative

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Or use the ‘Play Sound’ trait.

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(I feel soo stupid…:blush::x ) I’m at a loss now. I’ve been trying to do this, step by step for hours now and it doesn’t activate the sound when I move a piece onto the board.

I’m not familiar with what PME means as I’m still really new but I’ve tried not to ask and just read what I can to find out on my own and what I THINK it is, is the “Trigger when properties match” section of the trigger and I’m supposed to put CurrentMap = Custom && PlaythisSound = 0 in that spot right? (Custom is the name of the board)

Other than that, when ALT X changes the value of the DP, do I just put a literal 1 for the new value?

Again, I’m really sorry, I tried this for hours like I said and I want to do it myself but I’m overlooking one small thing I think.

If it helps, When the module is open I can hit SHIFT X and the sound plays, It just doesn’t play when I move the piece onto the play area. I feel I’ve got the trigger messed up somehow.

Thank You

Sounds like you got it right. PME is just short for property match
expression. You put it in right place

The DP is a literal 1. Only thing is CurrentMap = xxxxx should be the name
of the map window not the name of the board - a slight difference. If you
want to use the name of the board instead you would use CurrentBoard =

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I got it now, Thank you!

I did a little tinkering around with the setup of how it should all work (just being frustrated) and got it working now…lol.

What I did:

Well, I tried putting the “Play Sound” trait in the actual piece itself instead of using the action button. (success)

Changed the Range in the DP to 0-2 (keeping value at 0), and changed the ALT X new value to 2. (success)

I still can’t seem to get it to work using the action button though, even after getting it to work one way and just changing it so the action button was the only sound and not the “play sound” in the piece properties.

But Alas! It works and I thank you very much for talking me through that and helping me out. Now I just gotta work on the dice hiding…lol.

In addition to the sound being active on the certain map when a piece is played, How would I set (to the same map) it up to report when any piece is played but only 1 time the same way the sound plays only once, then thereafter it doesn’t when you move said piece around.

I was wondering how to do this because this way a person couldn’t add a piece to there hand secretly because it would always report it in the chat window.

I’ve got it figured out as far as how to get it to report when it comes into play or is deleted, That part is easy. But when you move it around after coming into play it keeps saying "Red Player has added (specific piece). I tried the NDP the same way as the sound with no successful attempt.

I’m sure this is somewhat easy, just need a little push in the right direction again as this is all a learning process day by day.

Thank you

Make a Report trait that is tied in with key command to a control DP - just
like you did with sound

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Yet again, Thank you very much Tim! :smiley:

I was trying to re-create how you had told me to do it with the sound but then I realized I could just copy the piece prototype that had the sound settings in it and then just change a few things…Man, I feel like I’m losing my smarts more and more every day…lol. :unamused: