Points Counter

How do you add a Points Counter that can be increased/decreased from 0 to 50 for instance. A counter is required for each player.

Oh oh! I just learned how to do this! :mrgreen:

  1. In the [Map Node] section (whatever you labeled it - I call mine Playing Field) you right-click and select “Add At-Start Stack”.

  2. Next you define it however you like (I call mine ‘Player 1’s HP’) and position it on your board.

  3. Right-click the [At-Start Stack] and select ‘Add Single Piece’.

  4. Double click [Single Piece] to bring up it’s properties.

  5. The ‘Basic Piece’ is the background image you’re going to use; double click it under ‘Current Traits’.

  6. Label it whatever you like and add the background picture. Press OK.

  7. Under ‘Available Traits’ add ‘Text Label’ and open it’s properties.

  8. Change ‘Text’ to whatever you want the current count for the player to be.

  9. Click inside the ‘Keyboard Command’ box, then use a combination that isn’t being used already; I used CTRL ENTER for mine.

  10. Adjust the Font/Font Size/Color to your liking.

  11. Depending on the background image you used, you’re going to have to offset the horizontal and vertical positions/justifications. You’re going to have to do some trial and error to get it just right.

I’ve provided an example below. The image is the background I used (I left the right sides blank so I could center the numbers over them) and the numbers can be changed by right-clicking the image.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.