Possible to use a variable name for using <deckname>_numPieces

Greetings. Unless I can ‘reseed’ existing games with ‘at start stacks’ I need a way for a counter that can be used in a similar way. However, I do not want to make 80 of them. I have been attempting to get one counter to do this using an action trait to prompt the user to enter the deckname and then use that variable with ‘_numPieces’. Tried a number of expressions, both within the text box (using the {}) and a CP. The variable has the correct deck name. Even GetProperty(“focusname4deck_numPieces”) does nothing.
Would appreciate advice please.

Actually, what would be better if during a refresh counters cycle, with update decks active, any new decks that also happen to have an associated ‘at start stack’ also actually add in the at start stacks. Thus not a ‘reseed’ but rather a proper initialisation process for new decks.

Is your counter on the same map as the decks you’re trying to manipulate? If not, you need to use GetMapProperty(propertyname, mapname) instead of just GetProperty(propertyname). E.g., if your counter is on Main Map but your deck, Deck1, is on Deck Map, you would need to use GetMapProperty("Deck1_numPieces", "Deck Map").

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Counter is on the same map as the decks.

However, with further thought I’m beginning to feel that I do need to make those 80 counters. Whichever way I get to go, there will be lot of time involved to ‘update’ existing games. The path of least time is to define the 80 counters.

Thanks for your input though. Appreciated.

In which case you should not need to do anything special, If a Deck named “X” is on a Map, then all counters on that same Map can just reference {X_numPieces} directly as it is a Map level Global property defined on the Map the Deck resides on.

I think that’s called starting a new game?

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Yes indeed nothing special, if using the actual deck name. My original post was about how to use a DP for user input of a deck name, then use a CP or {expression} in a text trait to display the numPieces for that user input name. Not that it matters anymore, I’ve gone for the 80 counters solution.

Although I did strike another problem (with me and the way I use stuff at times). I just essentially copied some existing maps with all the decks and at start stacks. This works fine for new games from scratch, but not existing games, including the pre-defined ones. The new maps, having the same deck names are not recognised when running refresh with add and update decks active. So I had to revisit the new decks to change their names a little. Works fine now.

As for point 2. Yes indeed. But that does not address the new games started using one of the pre-defined setups. To add the new ‘at start stacks’ that are associated with the new decks, in new maps, would obviate having to go for the 80 new counters solution; which then needs manual transfers from the ‘counter’ tray to each new deck for each new map, for each predefined game.

One module, 12 predefined games times 8 new maps with 80 decks each is 7680 iterations of this.
Another module, 20 predefined games. Time consuming isn’t it. But still less time than starting each predefined game from scratch and redoing the whole counter population (as a guess 12 games x pretty much 10k counters uses a lot more time than the alternative). :slight_smile:

However, as a friend pointed out tonight while I was a spectator in a current game, the total number of pieces in a deck is no longer necessary as the mouse over stack viewer shows them all anyway. Sort of a DOH moment that statement. Thus, no longer of much importance. That is really great I only need to provide the means, and players can add the _numPieces counters if they want to. Comes to personal choice, not mine.

I’m pretty sure that MoSV feature is yet another enhancement that you guys have introduced - probably a while ago now. Either way, many thanks for that and all the other benefits you’ve introduced since 3.1 something (17?).