pre-defined setups

I have created a Vassal module and would like to add a few pre-defined setups. The game is something very much like Memoir 44 or BattleLore, and I want to have scenarios players can choose from at the beginning, wth preplaced terrain pieces and units.

Can someone give me the low-down on how this is done or direct me to a tutorial of some sort?

I’ve found that the best way to learn is to look at someone else’s module using the Vassal editor. My module “Ancient Battles Deluxe” has some pretty simple and straignt forward pre-defined setups. You can create the exact structure I used and just plug in your xxx.vsave files where I have .vsave files. That should give you a hint how to do it.

Of course before you can do this you need to run your module and setup and save some scenario files with appropiate names for those setup files.

Thanks! I think I have it now.

How do I get the start up to prompt the player to pick a side for a scenario. It just plugs them into whatever side the scenario is saved for?

Retire from the game and change to observer before saving the scenario. You are saving the scenario with one of the sides already take by you.


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I have saved it in “observer” mode but the funny thing is the game opens up in “observer” mode. I’m using current Java, using current release of VASSAL.

What are the entries you made in the editor for “Definition of Player Sides”?

Anti-Prussian Coalition

And when you choose a pre-defined scenario, it doesn’t give you a drop down menu with:

“Anti-Prussian Coalition”

listed as choices?

Correct. It just asks me the scenario and puts me in as whatever side the game is saved as.

I have noticed this behaviour recently also. It appears that your password used to take Observer status is being recorded so that any player (including yourself) who starts a game with that same password automatically takes Observer status. You will find that if you change your password, life will go back to normal.

It is a bug, Observer status should never be given automatically, only by selecting from the drop-down menu.

Added bug [2806392] Observer side linked to password


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Bingo - changing the password fixed it.

Thank you for validating and listing the bug. You guys rock! :smiley:

Fix committed to swampwallaby-3.1@5764


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Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

Merged to 3.1@5771, trunk@5772.


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Thanks guys. I’m not sure what the lingo means. It has been entered into the bug tracker or it has been fixed and put into a certain build?

Either way, I’m very appreciative!

I am using the spare time to buff up the map (see attached).