Predefined setup does not trigger startup GKC

So I have this counter with a layer that IS NOT always active and needs to be activated by a GKC. So I’ve made a startup GKC and it activates the layer when I start a new game. It works just fine!

However, if I load a predefined setup, startup GKC fails to trigger.

Any hints as to how make GKC trigger at the startup?

I’m guessing that you made your predefined setup save file before you added or updated the Startup GKC? The predefined setup is just a “Save” file, and it’s subject to all the pluses and minuses of save files, including that it actually saves out the details of all your Prototypes and stuff like that. So you’re basically loading a Save file from a version when you didn’t have the Startup GKC.

If you make a fresh new predefined setup it should work for you.

(By the way note that the Startup GKC will also trigger whenever you LOAD a game from a save file. So if it’s something you don’t want to be able to happen “mid game, just because someone saved and then reloaded” then you will have to give it more complicated logic to make sure it only happens at the real start of a game. I can explain a method for that if you need it)


Nay, setups were made AFTER I made startup GKC; to fully verify my suspicions, I created a new dummy predefined save and GKC would fail to start when loading it, too.

Nevertheless, I managed to find a workaround by getting rid of inactive layer completely. Without it, GKC is not required anymore.

As far as I understand, GKC are not elements of the map but of the module itself so it is relatively safe to add / remove them without worrying too much about necessity of updating save files. Unless I am wrong, of course, for even though it’s been almost 10 years since my first dive into Vassal, there are still areas of which my experience is more than limited.