Prior to publishing a module, just whose consent do I need?

The game in question is – Druid: Boudicca’s Rebellion, 61 A.D. – and was designed by Mr. Berg, published by West End Games.

Contacting Mr. Berg would be easy enough, he’s around. But West End Games today is not the WEG of yore. From their website:

[i]Does WEG still hold the license to [FORMER LICENSED PRODUCT]?

No. We have no licenses at this time.

I’m really interested in acquiring one of the games or products from a property you used to license. Is there any way that these items might be available as paper products or electronic downloads (PDFs)?

No. Without having the license, we can’t reprint or PDF any old licensed products, either for sale or free. [/i]

This would seem to absolve me of any obligation to seek the publisher’s permission? Or must I find out who DOES have the rights now and consult with them?

Just toein’ the line…

As the publisher no longer has the rights, in most cases they revert back to
the designer and this would be who to ask next in case they have plans for
the game.

If Mr Berg, has the rights, I would doubt he has the pdf/artwork although
were he to grant permission to publish module if asked he may also be able
to direct you to the actual artist to get a hold of the graphics possibly

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Well see, this is why I ask, for clarity. Thank you for your response. I’ve got the original map scanned and ready. The counters… haven’t aged well. I’ve redone them all with similar but original artwork.

Should I also try and contact the artist since I’m using the original map? What if I can’t get ahold of him/her?