Private Games that allow only one specific player per side.

I am working on a game module in which there are several sides, but I want only want one specific individual (player) to have control of one specific side.

I have searched the forum and I can’t find anything on it. I am using Windows 10 and the latest Vassal update version.

The concept is I am the game master and I would have access to all sides.
Each player would have access to one unique side and no others. Perhaps there is a way to password protect a side?
Also I would like to eliminate any observers, so no one can watch the game and keep it completely private between myself and my other players.

Can this be done?

VASSAL has this functionality built-in. As long as your players supply a unique password when they first open the module, no one else will be able to control the pieces associated with their side. I believe you can set up a “GM” or “Referee” side that does have access to all the pieces (I have no experience with trying this). As for preventing any observers, when you set up the virtual room on the VASSAL server, just right-click on the room name and lock it once all your players have joined (or before, and then “invite” each player individually to join the room once they log on to the server).