Private Hand

My troubles continue … trying the forum again though it seems to have fallen into an enchanted sleep …

The forum says that a Private Hand is the same as a Private Window, with the exception that cards are not stacked like pieces but spread out. The documentation (PDF/Wiki) do not mention Private Hands at all.
However, I see no difference at all, a deck in my Private Hand is stacked just like any other deck. Does anyone have an example of what it should look like? And an idea what could be the problem?

What I want to do is to show the user all of his 8 cards he has (initally), to select one by the image content (it is way too complicated to put this into the name and to use “Draw specific card”) and to play it to the board. Is there a way to do this? What could work, I think, would be to use an at-start-stack instead of a deck. However, it would make it a bit more complicated to get the cards back: I would have to add a location in the Player Hand /Private Window and use “Send to location” instead of “Return to Deck”, right?

“A bit more complcated” matters because I am talking about 22 possible hands/decks here.

The Private Window has a Stacking options. Modify it to Disable Stacking.
The documentation may mention an old version and a way of treating the Private Window, and now you can chose to stack or not.

With the Private Window property Visible to all players?, you can then make the hand hidden from all the sides not listed in the Belongs to side list.

I guess that to have all the options you request : Send to Location vs Return to Deck, you need to create a Map Board on your Private Window, but I may be wrong.

My question referred to an item called Priivate Hand, not Private Window; I am fully aware of the Private Window capabilities. The Private Hand is not mentioned in the v3.1 docs, but according to the forum a Private Hand is “almost identical to a Private Window, but automatically displays all cards in un-stacked form”. It is this particular behaviour that does not work in my environment.
I have solved my problem by reverting to a Private Window and choosing stacking options that show the stack in staggered form (X offset almost = card width).