Problem using Global Key command to delete units on a map


Getting back into vassal module design and I’m having a problem.

I have a type of unit, Soviet Corps, that I want to delete from the map at the press of a button.

So I’ve assigned Soviet Corps units 3 prototypes - ground units, soviet, and a prototype called SovietCorps. SovietCorps prototype has a unit type ID of SCorps. What I want to have happen is when the global command button is pressed all units with a Unit type=SCorps will get deleted via Ctrl D. Unfortunately absolutely nothing happens.

Anyone able to shed any light as to why this might be happening and what I need to do to fix it?



Just to root out all potential problems, you have the “unit type” marker spelled two ways above, so double check that. If not that, back up and remove the matching property from the GKC and see if that deletes anything with the ctrl d delete trait in it. If it doesn’t, throw a report action in the SovietCorps protoype, with a ctrl d trigger, and see if that fires. If it does, then maybe the delete file needs moving. Good luck.

Managed to get it working. Thanks for the suggestions. Still not sure why it’s working but in the delete trait I retyped delete and ctrl d and that appears to have done the trick. I think sometime ago I had the same problem. Not sure why simply retyping the trait works but I guess that’s just one of the puzzles of Vassal.