Problem with map shading


First of all, I apologize for my bad english.

I get a problem. I’m making a module for a campaign, with little armies of 2 different camps moving on a map. I succeed with the armies, the camps and the map, I’m very proud of myself…

I want that each camp can see only ennemy armies if they are in a certain distance of his own armies. I want to create a “war fog”. I succeed to create it with the map shading. Now this is my problem: when each camps have their “war fog” map shading on, their army are hiding by the ennemy “war fog”. So in fact, a camp can see his own armies only if they are near an ennemy army…

I would like that when a camp is starting to play, ennemy “war fog” map shading should be automatically disactivated. Anyone have a solution?

Map Shading isn’t the right solution for this because it will always show the same thing to all players.

What some modules do is have each move trigger a Key Command that works on pieces within a certain distance of the moving piece. The Key Command can un-hide enemy units. Not perfect, but close to what you’re looking for.


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Thank you.

I found a solution, using… map shading, layers and global key commands. I create a map shading for “war fog” of each side, with a button. I find a solution to hide/show armies of each side using layers without images and action buttons. I made some global key commands: when the “war fog” of a side is off, ennemy armies are hidden, and they are visible when ennemy “war fog” is on.

Now I’m looking for a solution to reserve the using of a button to a particular side. Can a trigger do that?

You can’t do it directly with a button in the toolbar, but you can use the Restricted Access trait on a GamePiece, which can then trigger a Global Hotkey. You could even trigger the action on the GamePiece with a Global Key Command. I’d have to try it out to know for sure, but I think the Restricted Action trait will trap the action.


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Ok, thank you so much. I try it this afternoon.

Thank you so much, I succeed using yours advices.