Problem with Report Action

I’m updating a module for a card game and am having a problem with a Report Action trait.

In the module there is a card prototype containing, among other things, a ‘Return to Deck’ trait with the Keyboard Command - ‘SetAside’

There is also a DeckPrep prototype that shuffles the deck and sets up a non-stacking Action Button.

In the deck prep map window there are ‘At-Start Stack’ elements with ‘Single pieces’ to set aside different amounts of cards for various game configurations. The single pieces contain the following traits: Basic Trait, Text Label, Global Key Command and Prototype (DeckPrep).

The GKC entry in the GKC trait is ‘SetAside’ to apply the command to a fixed number of pieces in the deck. The set aside commands works properly however I’d like to use a ‘Report Action’ trait to document the set aside. I’ve tried inserting a ‘Report Action’ trait reporting on the keystrokes ‘SetAside’ in several places in both the DeckPrep prototype and the single pieces with no success.

I must be missing something very basic here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Using Windows 7 with the latest Java.

Is there, anywhere, I can’t specify where, “suppress individual reports” option checked on?

Thanks for the suggestion. There is a ‘Supress individual reports’ check box in the single piece global key command but it doesn’t seem to make a difference; checked or unchecked.