Problems with "Does Not Stack" property


I have been editing a mod and have tried to use the “Place Marker” property associated to a playing piece to place what essentially should be a just a map overlay marker. In the “Define Marker” window of the “Place Marker” property, I used the “Does Not Stack” property to try and make this marker both unselectable, unstackable and unmovable, so it does not effect the selection/stacking/movement of other markers in the same or nearby map hexes. In the “Place Marker” window I select “Place Marker”-> “On bottom of stack” and in the “Does Not Stack” property window I select “never” for both “Select Piece” and “Move Piece”.

However when the “Place Marker” command is activated, the marker can be selected and moved. Further, when placed, I can no longer select the playing piece which is in that hex (it should be ABOVE the marker). It’s as if the placed marker “covers” the playing pieces rather than sits below them, preventing me from selecting the playing piece.

Any hints as to how to resolve this?



Set up a Game Piece Layers for the map window (right click and add). Name the GPL something like MapLayer.

In the layer list, include (top item in the list is the bottom layer)


In the map overlay, give it the Marker trait

MapLayer = Map

On the counter, give it the Marker trait

MapLayer = Counter

This will keep the counter in a layer over the map piece. As far as being able to select / move the map piece …If you have a Does Not Stack trait on the map piece and you have it set to never on both options, you shouldn’t be able to move or select it so I’m not sure what’s happening here.

Thanks this layer approach worked.