Properties Window

I am using the properties option to assign a series of actions to a piece and then applying those actions through a global command.

This allows the both players to plot moves and then action them simultaneously.

So far seems to work - however the properties window (Ctrl + P default) does not move with the counter - it just appears at the first location its opened.
Even closing the window and moving the counter and then opening the window it goes to original location every time.

This is annoying obviously as the counters have moved on and now unless you open each counter set the plot and then close and open the next its hard to know which is which.

So two questions -

how do I set the property window to have a counter reference in its title? (I know it can be done but not how)

Is there a way of getting the property window to not remember last position ?

please ignore question one - the name of the counter appears in the property window. I guess my test game had not shown that.

Still would like the window to not draw in last location - ideally on the counter each time.