Property Filter Efficiency

For those who know the Vassal Engine code:

My module has ground, air, naval, SSF units and various markers.

In a Mouse-over Stack Viewer I want to show only pieces with UnitType Ground or Markers that are NOT Ownership or Airbase/Airstrip/Port Markers. The Piece selection property filter (that does work) currently shows:

{UnitType==“Ground” || (CounterType==“Marker” && MarkerType!=“Ownership” && FacilityType!~“Airbase|Airstrip|Port”)}

My question:

Would it be more efficient if the prototypes for all the above units and markers had a Marker property GroundMouse==“true”, and then the Piece Selection property filter was simply:


I’m sure the answer is yes, that would be more efficient, but would it be a meaningful improvement, given a stack might include 15-20 pieces maximum?

I doubt anyone can give you a definite answer. That’s really the sort of thing you would just have to try and see for yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that adding more traits means Global Key Commands will have that many more traits to sift through when trying to find their target pieces, although I doubt adding a single marker to some pieces will have any significant effect.