Property Sheet automation problem and more

Hi there!

I began to implement some more functions to the RoR module, but I stacked at this point:

I wanted to make a Property Sheet which includes the all informations for the cards. The values (numerics, strings, Yes/No-s — BTW: How the hell can I define the type of the variables?) should be automaticaly change by trigger events, so manual input is almost never necessary, but possible. So it would be rather an information panel then a settings panel. However the values should be adjusted by BOTH the trigger events and the property sheet.

My problems:

  1. The Dynamic Property’s name is “Land Strength” and it’s initial value is 5 (but it should change by upcoming matching wars). I successfully used a Text Label with Text: $Land Strength$ as you can see on the top left corner. However I can not manage it to work with the Property Sheet.
  2. I’ve read the Reference Manual and searched the Forum to figure out how to refer a particular Property value of a Game Piece. Moreover, how to change it non-manually? Lets say, I would like to double that Land Strength value (only for that game piece) with a trigger event which is activated by an upcoming matching war.
  3. And I would like to create a Zone for combat: The players only need to drag and drop the Commander card, Legions, Fleets, War card, Enemy Leader cards to that area, and the dice roll would automatically modified by the containing game pieces. Is this possible?
  4. The cherry on the top would be a Show Probabilities Button which would report the actual probabilities of Victory/Stalemate/Defeat/Standoff/Disaster of the war, so it would extremely speed up the negotiation of the correct amount of forces to be send to that particular war. For making this, an algorithm have to check the results for all 3d6 results, collect them to those 5 variable, and report the values of the variables. Is this possible?
  5. The Property Sheet is very annoying, it should include radio buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc. with proper set of variables which could be easy to refer to and adjust. Will this feature implemented in future versions of VASSAL?

I guess Java programming is needed for #3 and #4. Any answers and solutions are welcome.

Thanks in advance: