Property sheet initialization

Is there a way to initialize the values in the property sheet? I found you can edit them in the game piece palette after you start the game - then every piece you pull from the palette has the same values. But there are several of these pieces and doing each one at the start of a game is tedious.

Any help appreciated.

You can also edit the values on sheets in the game palette and then save the module, and the values will be retained across games. The only constraint is that the property sheet traits you edit this way cannot be inherited from a prototype–they must be directly on the pieces in the palette. See the Melee/Wizard module for an example.

I must be missing something. In Melee/Wizard I can see (for example) the cave bear property sheet is filled out. But I can’t seem to figure out how to get to the sheet to change it. Except in the game itself. Do you edit the sheet on the ‘edit module’ or in the ‘game’ mode?

Very confused.

Ok Ok I got it. I didn’t even know you could click on the image of the piece! All is clear now. Thanks.