Property sheet items need a seperate description field

  1. Property sheet, for each property should have a Description. Right now the Property name is also the description which can make some rather odd and error prone to type property variable names such as: “P: Weapon Type (1 swing, 2 missile)”. This I am using for a RPG to indicate what type of Primary weapon is used. Property name is therefore: $P: Weapon Type (1 swing, 2 missile)$
  2. I would rather my Property name be $PrimWeapTypeNum$
  3. A separate Description would permit the use of the ‘=’ character as part of the description allowing one to display: “P: Weapon Type (1=swing, 2=missile)”.
  4. I will note that Dynamic Property, Global Property, Dice and the like all have a Description field and a distinct Property name field.
  5. In addition a Tooltip text would be nice.

Thank you