Pulling hidden pieces(cards) from the Game Piece Palette

Hello, new guy here. I’m trying to implement cards that are hidden from everyone except the owner (the person who pulls it from the Game Piece Palette). What should happen:

  • Owner selects a card, it lands face down on the table. Owner knows what card he selected but it’s hidden to all.
  • Owner can view the front of the card while it remains face down and hidden to the rest of the players.
  • Owner can ‘play’ the card, at which point everyone can see the front.

The ‘Mask’ function seems to be what I’m looking for, and the reference manual states:

“EXAMPLE: An ordinary playing card can be implemented by setting the basic image to represent the front of the card. In the “Mask”
controls, specify an image for the back of the playing card. When a player types CTRL-F, that card will be known only to him (as though held in his hand). Typing CTRL-F again will reveal the card to the other players (as when playing it on the table).”

And another thread suggested the following Traits in this order (images attached):
1.) Basic Piece
2.) Mask
3.) Layer

It allows me to pull a card, view it, play it. But there are a couple of problems:

1.) When the card lands on the table, any player can hover over it and see the Basic Piece Name. I need a descriptive name, otherwise I can’t choose the card from the Game Piece Palette…

2.) Any player can view or play the card. I need it to be viewable / playable only to the player who pulled it from the Game Piece Palette.

It seems like a really simple requirement, but I just can’t work it out. Any help appreciated.