Q re multiple maps

I have a game where there is a big map X on the left, and 4 small maps on the right stacked top to bottom


(all of the XXXX is one giant png file).

So when I use the Board Setup Tool to set this up, what do I have to do? (Looks like I need some placeholder or Null boards to hold the left side so 2,3,4 will lay out properly. Is this something doable?

Either cut your single map into 4 pieces so that the cuts match the divisions between the maps on the right, or combine your 4 smaller maps into 1 larger combined map and used Zones to differentiate any differing grid requirements.

Yes, it’s doable. I have done it multiple times for similar issues.

Just make a transparent image XXXX wide and 1 pixel high and a dummy board with it as background (you can probably even use Game Piece Image Definitions for this). Then use this board for your 1st column (rows 2, 3, 4).

Many thanks, will try.