Question about Decks (may involve programming)


First of all thanks for this great program!

Here’s my question / problem:
The game I’m trying to implement has a specific card deck where every card has a “partner card” which belongs to it (its like in a memory game but the partner cards look different). If you have to draw a card, you have to draw them both.
My problem is that i want to draw 4 random cards and its “partner card” (8 cards) and place them in another deck (no player should see which 4 card pairs were drawn until they are exposed in the later game).

I’ve already searched the forums and read the faq’s but I haven’t found anything like that till now…

Because I’m experienced in Java the solution could also involve programming… (maybe a way to access a specific deck and move cards).

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You can do this without programming. Will require a little thought in
implementation though

For each pair, your cards should have matching marker traits which you can
key on.
Make your deck random and have the cards draw so they are always face down
Use an At start stack (w/ action button) to Draw a card (send to location
When the card is drawn have it execute a GKC on the deck to pull its
matching card out via property filters/marker trait and then send both cards
to the other deck.

Another method may involve using the property expression filter inherit to
decks instead of a marker trait but am not versed enough in that part of
decks to say how one uses them

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thanks for the quick answer, i’ll try it.