Question about Game Piece Layer Control


I’ve been trying to set up a Game Piece Layer Control that can toggle from a basic state of inactive to active and back again. In other words, is it possible to create a module with a game piece layer that starts the game inactive until a button activates it, and which can then be deactivated?

I’m probably going about this in the wrong way, but am unable to get it even set up as an inactive layer. When I start the module, the pieces begin in active state even with the Game Piece Layer Control set up as “Make layer active.” Any help with this would be appreciated, and I can send more details as needed.


Make layer active will do just that but GPLs always start active as far as I am aware.

To start inactive, you’d need to look at a Startup GKC sending a GKC to a piece that in turn fired a Global Hotkey to set the GPL inactive.

Hello again,

I typed a message last night, but it doesn’t look like I sent it. I wanted to say thanks for the suggestion, which worked perfectly.

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Has anyone been successful in getting the Enable/Disable buttons to flip on and off when clikcing the tool bar buttons for such?

Basically what I’m seeing is that the control seems to work but the ‘enabled’ / ‘disabled’ icons do not flip back and forth.