Question about Mat and Cargo

Is it possible to use Mat and Cargo to simulate loading and unloading of units on transports?

Thanks for your support.

Panther_2010 :slightly_smiling_face:

I would say yes. In fact I’ll be taking your suggestion to implement in my modules. One potential issue is when the mat, transport, is the same size as the cargo. I’ll check my beta module and get back later.

A mat needs to be larger than the cargo. You need the mat to be visible to click and drag the mat. Also, the tpt as a mat will also carry any other counter placed on it, regardless of whether it is a lower or higher level. I was, sort of, hoping that a mat at, say level 4, would only ‘pick up’ and carry cargo from a higher lever.
For ex, in my modules I have several layers (in order of their appearance from the top to the bottom) markers, air, land, tptamph (new as a mat), naval, subcx, cpcvdeasw, cpasw, tfrmats, counters, facilities.
In the game, a tptamph can carry air and land units.
The tfrmats are used to send counters from the east map edge to the west map edge and vice versa, using a number of send to commands. They carry anything I’ve established with the cargo trait. The same still holds for the tptamph mats though.
So, unless mats can be configured to only carry those counters that have a higher level (meaning all those below it in ‘Game Piece Layers’), then I’m unlikely to be using tpts/amphs as mats.

Hello palad0n,

my problem is that I would activate/deactivate mat/cargo via trigger actions to simulate carriers that load, transport and unload passengers. Possible?



Somehow I doubt it. Mat and Cargo are traits. But then, there are many more experienced people out there. Turn on/off restrict commands. An interesting thought bubble though. Definitely no harm in asking. I’d be interested in further responses.