Question about piece movement SOLVED!

I have a quick question. My apologies first off as I’m a complete newb to module making and this might be an easy task for most.

My question is: Is there a way or how would I go about changing a tokens picture to follow it’s movement facing based on left to right? (ie. token is facing left and I move it to the right, is there a way to make the picture face to the right at that point?)

I thought there might be a way to trigger some sort of change in the token when facing one way or the other to switch to a mirrored picture but was unsure if this is the correct method.

Please help if you can.


Add the “Can Rotate” trait to the piece. You can then specify how the piece will rotate in relationship to the map, for example, by hexside.

Thank you for your reply, I forgot to mention, I’ve got that part down, the problem is the picture of the piece is a side-view one.

You might consider using Layers. The first layer would be the piece facing to the left, and another layer would be an image of the piece facing to the right. (You’ll need to make these images yourself in an image editor.) Selecting the right layer will swap out the piece image.

Thank you very much, sounds just like what I’m wanting to do! I’ll have a go at it here soon and let you know if I got it working.

It’s what I’m needing to do, I just don’t have the knowledge for it. I read the help files but I just can’t get it to do what I want, it’s close but not what I need.

I had the layer set up to change when I used CTRL B to move the piece to the right but when it would move to the right the pictures would shuffle back and forth (Making the piece face left then right over and over again.)even if I had them unselected in the preferences to only activate with a hotkey.

Any ideas?

So it sounds to me like you’ve set up Ctrl B to force the piece to move to the right. Did you also use this hotkey to activate the layer that shows the piece moving to the right?

You’ll want to use a different hotkey for the layer that shows the piece moving to the left, otherwise you will simply toggle the layers on and off, which sounds like what is happening.

You Solved it! :smiley:

Your last post was spot on with what I was doing. Once I went in and just changed the hotkey for the layer activation it works perfectly now.

I was thinking at the time the activation was acting like a trigger and would happen when it was moving to the right not just toggling it on and off.

Thank you for your help and for clearing all this up for me. I has been very helpful much appreciated!