Questions about masked pieces

I am working on a module and I notice that when that when a counter is masked, the “mov” flag is hidden. It only shows up when the unit is unmasked. I can make it work by using layers (Layer 1 = masked side, Layer 2 = unmasked side), but is there any way to make the “mov” work using the masked command instead of layers? I much prefer it, because I can create a prototype for a bunch of counters sharing the same masked marker, whereas with layers, I have to do it to each individual counter. :frowning:

Also, Mask gives me more control on who can unmask the counter, which I would like to control.

Also, I was looking at a module where there are two players per side: let’s call them player 1 and player 2. If player 1 drags a counter to the board, it comes off of a deck masked. If he right-clicks on a unit, it has multiple options. If player 2 right-clicks on the unit, it only has the “Flip” option. This happens if both players are playing at the same time. If I set it up as player 1, retire, and select player 2, I don’t have this problem.

Any ideas?


wrt your first question, you need to pay attention to the order of your traits in a piece’s trait list. “Mask” hides any trait above in the trait list. As a rule of thumb, a trait affects anything above it in the trait list, but it does not affect anything below it. Make sure your “mark when moved” trait is below “mask.”

Thanks! That fixed it! I was fixing someone else’s module.

On mine, I always put Mask at the top of the properties list because I want it to be last on the drop-down. I didn’t realize it would mess up the other commands.

Not so much mess up as give you the design flexibility to have trait A affect trait B, or to have trait B affect trait A.

If you want to order you commands in the drop-down menu differently to the order of the traits in the piece, then place them all in a Sub-menu. If there is only one Sub-menu defined, it is promoted to become the main drop-down menu.