Random Modular boards?

I checked to the forums for this subject, but with no luck.

I want to build a PnP game I made using Vassel. I’ve poked around with the editing tools, and even tried to edit some games that COULD be similar, but the game is not played using hexes, nor squars, or grids of any kind. Rather, it uses territories with a set of “cards” that are randomly drawn and played face down on the table. These cards are then flipped as players explore them and they make up the map on which the game is played. I will link to some images to the game at the end of this post to give you a better idea of what I am trying to do.

I have readied the graphics for all the units, and am working on some of the player aids (which I may need help with as well, lol). The map seems to be the biggest problem. Half the point of the game is to explore and settle on the different planets that are the focal point of each “card”.

I made the modular board to be printed on 4x6 photos, which would in turn be shuffled and placed face down in a square, with the players “homeworlds” on each corner of the map. As the players move and explore, the cards would then be flipped over, reviling the planet and different territories or features.

No idea how to do this. Maybe I am making it more complex than it needs to be, but it would mean a lot if I could get it working. Thanks for your time.

Here’s a picture for example of how the board looks once it’s fully discovered:

Set up the Main Map as a big blank area, with no graphics. You need a big enough space for players to plop down map tiles.

Set up a Deck and then add each map tile as a ‘card’. Set the deck to Reshuffle - Always to ensure a random draw when players pull a tile from it, and make sure Draw Cards Face Up is unchecked.

For each card’s Mask, assign whatever image you would use for a face-down card (the card back).

You also want to add Game Piece Layers to the Main Map, and then assign these layers to the Map Tiles and your pieces, with the map tiles on a level below the pieces. This way, you will be able to move the pieces around on top of the map tiles.

You should also give each Map Tile the Does Not Stack trait, set to Select Piece when Alt Key Down. This will prevent players from accidentally selecting a map tile when they are moving their pieces and messing up the board.

(My modules for Dark Nebula and Star Viking use an identical system. Both involve players placing random map tiles to build the board, and then moving pieces on top of them. You might want to check them out to see how they work.)

Interesting. I will try that. I appreciate the quick reply and the help.
Thanks for pointing out the “do not stick” aspect, I wouldn’t have thought about that.

You may want to check out the Dungeoneer and Zombies!!! modules on the
vassal modules page, since they provide cards as map tiles. They do not
require the cards to be drawn face-down, but they should give you some
working examples.

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