RE Counter

Question: This game called March to Victory (HMS/GRD) uses the concept of Regimental Equivalent for the size of the units, and thus the supply (normal) and supply (combat) for them.

So for instance, a single Supply Point can provide Combat Supply (within 3 hexes) to 150 RE of units. Artillery are doubled and such. So a Regiment uses 1 point (1 RE) , a Division anywhere from 3 to 6 points.

So when one side wishes to do combat and wants to use the full attack (or defense) strength on the units, one needs to provide a Combat Supply Point, and then assign (in RE’s) these 150 points to the units. So if I have 2 stacks with 6 Divisions each at 5RE each, then the combined RE is 5RE x 6 Div x 2 = 60 RE. So now I have 90 RE remaining on the Supply Counter to use someplace else this turn.

Is there a simpler way to automate this somehow?

What I was thinking is that I’d like to have some text on the Supply Counter that sais the total used, the total remaining and when its is selected that it highlights the 3 hex range (but only 2 hexes in Mud…which needs to tie into the Weather by Zone thing, and be able to determine in what weather area it is).

Could the Supply Counter Highlight all counters somehow or select them, and then have the player pick or right click on counters they wish to attack with from some list that pops up, and the RE used be added/subtracted from the Resource Point or Supply Point? This may be asking too much, but with the global selection by range and some sort of list that shows the counters in another window, similar to the broken unit window in VASL…along those ideas.