Reading a Global Property for a Distant Zone

I can easily set a Global Property for a zone on a map. How can I read that value when I’m not in that zone? I’m assuming I can use GetProperty expression but am having difficulty with either the format or perhaps using the wrong method. In particular, I would like to read the terrain effect modifier (TEM) of the zone I previously vacated. So it would be something like $OldLocationName$.TEM, however I’m not familiar with the delimiter or the proper string construction for the expression. Any help would be appreciated.

Zone properties are only available to pieces sitting within that zone, so it is not possibly to directly read them from ‘outside’ the zone.

You could potentially set up a complex scheme with an invisible mediator counter in each zone that you ask to post the value of the zone property you want into a global property where you could retrieve it, but it would be a lot of work and difficult to maintain and debug and I wouldn’t advise it.

A much easier way is to save the TEM into a dynamic property when you land in a zone, then it is available when you leave the zone.



That is what I did to solve it after I posted. I created a CurrentTEM and PreviousTEM property, where I push the Current to the Previous when I move to a new zone. Thanks for the reply. Still wish I could query zone property values. It could prove very useful.