Really basic question: Deck's invisible

Okay, I’ve just started trying to create a module with Vassal. The example module from the card game tutorial won’t open at all, and when I follow the instructions the decks on the main board are invisible. Once I successfully find them, and pull a card out, the card is visible, but the decks aren’t.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

You didn’t assigned a back to the card. See the mask-property and add a graphic to it.

I have done so, and the graphic appears when a card is drawn, but not while it’s in the deck.

Have discovered that if I put the mask above the front face (a number) the front face is displayed, but the image of the mask still isn’t displayed until the card is drawn.

The image just isn’t showing up at all.

I’m going to try downloading a few more modules and breaking them down to see the difference.

Oh, and the region covered by the deck, when it’s invisible, is only a few pixels across, although I’ve set deck size bigger than that.

On the deck’s Properties dialog, check ‘Belongs to’. Is the deck’s current board selected from the drop-down? If it isn’t, then change it from ‘any’ to the deck’s current board.