Refresh Button that auto expands and/or Auto Refreshing please

Sorry I could not see if anyone had listed this before, but I was playing Liberté last night, I was regularly having to update two instances of the “Game Piece Inventory Window”. The Liberté module uses that function for “Personal Displays” and voting results - these change constantly when in use and they do not currently auto refresh when there is a change. This forces the user to click the “refresh” button but the consequence of that process is all the expanded “folders” i.e. player hands or government types contract to just raw numbers and so you have to manually expand them all again to see what the new tally or card is in a players hand (so in a 6 player that is a lot of clicking).

If this could be adjusted that would be great, thank you.

What do you mean by this exactly?

I found this issue when I was developing the module. Here’s the report that @tompk wasn’t able to find.

Fixed in PR 11362. This will go out as part of 3.6.7.