Refresh Counters question

I am currently playing a 5-player game of Spies. I have made some changes to the module, and run “Refresh Counters” to update our saved game. My question: even though I have access only to the pieces for my side in the saved game, does refresh counters update counters for ALL players? Or do the other players also need to run “refresh” on the save. Thanks for any info!


Depends on the module, It will refresh all counters that are not specifically Masked or Invisible to you.

If you don’t use the Mask or Invisible trait, then you will refresh you opponents counters as long as they are not currently masked or invisible.

It depends on whether or not the counters have a Mask or Invisibility trait (possibly Restrict Access also, I’m not sure). These will prevent refresh by other players.

Do a refresh, and look for a chat log message in red like the one in this example:

In this example, 16 counters (actually cards in this case), are masked to the player doing the refresh.

If you see a message like this, then as you suggested, you’ll need to have each player refresh the game file in turn before it is fully updated with the module changes.

Brent and Mark, thanks for the replies; exactly the info I was looking for!


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