Refreshing a label on one map from another map

I have a text label on the main map that counts the cards of a deck. The deck itself, however, resides in its own map (window). The problem I was experiencing was that, while the counter worked, it had to be refreshed/painted by clicking on the main map to properly reflect the correct card count.

So, this was my solution. I’m posting here as a reference for myself in the future, but also to see from y’all if there was a better way. For reference, the main map is unsurprisingly called “Main Map”, which includes a zone called “Events Deck”, which is where the counter label sits. In the picture above the “28 Cards” is actually sitting on a map graphic, not a vassal piece of any sort, i.e. that’s not where the actual deck sits.

For starters, I added a “Move Fixed Distance” on the label with all values set to zero. The idea here isn’t to actually move anything, but to use that trait as a way of forcing a repaint.

From there I wasn’t totally sure how to trigger this from a piece on a separate map, so I opted to modify the card prototype to include a trigger that in turn would call a Global Key Command:

The trigger looks like this:

And the GKC looks like this:

Then, on the Event Cards map window, call the trigger on all units (cards) that move on that map:

This seemed to work! When I move an event card in its own window it refreshes the counter on the main map.

The only thing that confused me is that it seems like I had to specify both the Key Command and a Global Key Command name, not sure I get it, but I’m just going with it for now. Perhaps one of you can explain.

In any case, I thought I’d present this here to see what people thought, and to see if there was perhaps a better way.



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This is very standard. The Key Command is required for the trait to execute on the source piece (the one sending the command out into the void). The Global Key Command is the Key Command to be executed on the destination piece–i.e., there has to be at least one trait with that exact Key Command on it to “hear” on the receiving end.