Relative size: map and counters

I’m working with my first module and need a bit of help: My counters are about 50% too big for the map. Thing is, when I change the map size or pixel density using a graphics editor, change seems to make no difference. I don’t especially want to have to manipulate each of the many counters. Surely I can manipulate just the map. But I can’t see how to do it.



Are the game pieces scanned, too?

Yes, thanks. I still don’t fully understand but eventually I got everything in proper relative scale. I think that I was merely closing the game file whereas I need to completely exit and re-enter the module. At least, that’s my working hypothesis. :slight_smile:

Yes, just saving the file from the module editor doesn’t update everything, so there are some changes where you need to exit and restart the module to see the changes. I’m not sure what all of those cases are, though.