Remove a Marker after a Place Marker trait

I have this trait on a prototype, that places a marker on tapped/marked cards.
The Place Marker trait uses a Define Marker that calls another prototype, defining a colored cube.
The colored cube proto has a Delete trait, which works fine manualy.

What does not work is : using a Toolbar Button, or a Global Key that would delete ALL the markers at once.
What kind of trait/property would you use to do that ?

Any idea ?

You probably want to put a Marker trait in your Cube prototype …something like PieceType = Cube

Then use a Global Key Command to send the Delete command to Property Filter

CurrentMap = (map the pieces are on) && PieceType = Cube.

Set it for all pieces and that should work.

Hi, thx for the quick answer.
I had a bad sequence in my KC, GKC, Hotkeys and so …
It’s working fine.

So now I tap my cards by placing a marker on them. And I untap all the cards on next turn, which will remove all the markers.

What if I want to untap 1 single card before next turn? I can manually delete the marker, ok.
But I need to act on the card to delete that marker, just as I act on the card to place the marker.

The point is: I restrict commands on the card once it’s played, and I make that obvious with the marker.
If I can untap the card before next turn, I want that to remove the restriction (which works fine). But I can’t get rid of the marker.
And if I delete the marker, I can’t make it act on the underlying card.

Any other good idea ?