Removing unused images from project

I added a deck of cards sourced from a folder with images named alpha to omega
I added another deck of cards sourced from a folder with images also named alpha to omega (similar but differently coloured)
I discovered (well Uckelman told me) that as all files are stored in a single root folder, the first set was overwritten, so both decks were using the images of the second set.
I solved the problem by renaming the image sets alpha1 to omega1, and alpha2 to omega2 and rebuilding the decks.
All good.
Except I notice the original (and now unreferenced) alpha to omega images are still lurking in my project.
What is the best way to delete them?

I recommend getting 7-Zip or a similar tool, as it will be quickest. A Vmod file is of course just a Zip file, and you can rename it from .vmod to .zip if you need to, and treat it like a zip file.

At some point I googled how to teach Windows 10 “that a vmod IS a zip file” so that I could stop doing the renaming thing, and that has been an endless blessing though I forgot what it was I actually did (I remember that I had to reboot after I did it before it worked).

But anyway, 7-Zip is way faster at inserting/removing things from zips than an OS like Windows 10 or whatever.

You’ll find all the images in the “images” subdirectory. Just delete the ones you don’t want. If you accidentally delete too many just put them back. But yeah, probably make a backup copy of your module first ;-)


I did write a bash script at some point to extract the vmod and search the buildFile for occurances of each filename in the images directory and remove any not referenced. It will only work on Linux though and might need some tweaking. Let me know if you want it and I’ll have a look.