Replace a single piece with multiple pieces

I have a module where a card drawn determines the number of units the player receives when the card is played. Typically, this is 1 piece, but sometimes, more rarely, it’s multiple pieces.

I want to use a Replace by Other trait on cards to swap the card for the single pieces. Card is discarded, unit appears in its place. Simple and easy enough.

However, doing this to summon multiple pieces is more problematic. Is there a way to set up Replace by Other to replace the card with multiple pieces? Seems like if I use a trigger, it will only work for the first piece and not for the succeeding ones. Or is there some other trait I might be using here?

Any ideas?

I’ve never used Place Marker before but it was just what I needed. Joined into a trigger, it results in a pile of counters with the card removed. Works like a charm. Perfect!

Thanks, Tim!