'Replace with Other' but keep some layer values?


Is it possible to use the ‘Replace with other’ trait to, for example place a reduced unit counter after it is damaged, but get the new counter to adopt any layer settings that were present on the original?

e.g. A squad has 2 ammo left out of, say 8. It is hit, so needs to be replaced by a new counter, but due to the way the ammo counting trait works, the new counter will appear with full ammo (ie 8) and not 2…

I don’t think I can do this by just making a layer on the original counter, to flip it to, as the new counter needs to behave significantly differently with different traits, and using the layer approach the new counter still thinks it’s the ‘old’ one…

Hope that makes sense?!!

Just check the “Match current state?” checkbox in the Replace with Other trait (and make sure everything you want to copy over is defined exactly the same way–ideally, by putting those traits in a common prototype).

A-ha! Simple as that!

Thank you so much - that had been doing my head in!!! :smiley: