Replacing map in existing module


First time poster.

I am in the process of customizing an existing module to make it more user friendly. One of the things I would like to do is replace most of the jpeg graphics with png graphics while incorporating some modifications. In particular, I would like to replace the existing map board with one that is slightly modified to incorporate a turn track and holding boxes that are currently on off-board charts.

I’ve read through the developer’s manual, but I can’t seem to find a reference for how this is done. Also, if I keep the underlying dimensions of the map the same, will I have to re-establish the overlying grid or does that simply transfer to the new map?

Thanks in advance!

Andy S.

In the module editing tree, go to:

(Map you wish to change) [Map Window] → [Map Boards] → [Board]

Double click [Board] or right-click and select Properties. You’ll see a “Select” button for board image. Browse to the board image you want. You’ll probably have to save and restart for the new image to take affect.

Keep in mind that if you replace JPG’s with PNG’s, the old JPG graphics will remain in the module even though they aren’t being used. When you are ready to clean out the old JPG’s, change the module extension from .vmod to .zip, unzip the module into an empty directory, go to the Images folder, remove all the graphics you’re not using, rezip the module and change the extension back to .vmod.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Does the new board image need to be in the same folder as the module? Also, will the existing hex grid system be preserved (assuming that I’m not changing the dimensions of the underlying map) ?

when you change the map in the editor (which you have to do anyways) it will put the new file in the right place by default. As long as you dont edit the hexgrid under the board entry it should be preserved