Report Dice Results

First of all, i am not programing my own module or a programer at all. I am only looking for a quality-of-life-improvement in a module i already use.

In there, you often roll several 6-sided dice, generally one to six. (1d6-6d6).

The results are shown in chat, individually, like, for a 3d6: “3,2,6”.

I already found out how i could show the result as total: “11” in this case, by marking the “report total” option.
What i am curious about, is if there is a way to show the result in bothways, for example “3,2,6 - total 11” ?

The report line, as is, shows:

$playerName$ * $name$ ($result$)

I tried adding “$total$” or “$dicetotal$” to that etc., but with no result whatsoever.

Is there an (relatively easy) possibility?

Thanks in advance, Likkle


Here is a way using symbolic dice, that shows each die roll plus the TOTAL using the “numericalTotal” command:

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Hey iam, thanks a lot!

Took me a while to figure it out, but with that answer i made it work :slight_smile:
Much appreciated!

Thank you iam!
Helped me out a lot and got it working the way i wanted!
Much appreciated :slight_smile: