Report When A Player Becomes an Observer

Is it possible for VASSAL to report when a player becomes an observer or joins another side? TIA

You mean like during a live-online game?


Player joins as Player 1, can no longer do and see things restricted to Player 2. Joining as an observer allows them to see P2 things.

I’ll have a look around about that (seems like a reasonable idea to report that, or have the module be able to).

I’m pretty sure though that Observer status specifically does NOT grant any privileges vis-a-vis other player’s private hands and other “masked” objects.

It’s a function I want (and thus have granted the observer), but I don’t want a player to be able to rejoin as an observer - or at least to catch them when they do. Thus the need for a report.

I’ve searched the documentation, but I don’t find anything.

EDIT: Just in case I’m not being clear:

I want observers to be able to see the whole game (and currently they can). But right now, without a report of “joined as observer” or “retired as player X” or something, a player can simply rejoin as an observer and see secret information. But if I can make it report when someone does that, then doing that is no longer an option.

The request for that info to be logged in the Chat Window is a good one.

However, that won’t allow you to detect the cheating you are encouraging by opening up the un-pasworded Observer role as a super-user. All P1 or P2 has to do is start a second Vassal session, add a bogus user name and password, join as observer and say, no, that’s not me!

If you want any random joe to be allowed to be the Observer and see the secret information, you are doomed to failure.

If you want specific Joe’s to be allowed in to see the secret information, then you are better off creating a ‘Referee’ side, and taking it up with a session with specific password. Then you can give that password to the specific Joe you want to have the superior access without giving P1 and P2 the password.

That’s disappointing. Oh well, honor system it is.

It occurs to me that it is theoretically possible to detect the case of P1 or P2 starting a second Vassal session and logging in as Observer, as their IP address would be the same. It should be possible to add an option to report if two players are sharing the same IP address… (and yes, there are ways around that, too, such as using a VPN for the second connection, and there are also legitimate reasons for sharing an IP address, such as two players in the same household, so this is still not a perfect solution).

At a certain point, doing things like that (tracking IP addresses) just creates a false sense of security where none really exists.