Request Map Window Sub-Component that Issues a Hotkey and Can Display a Button in the Map's Toolbar

Maybe I am unaware of a feature, but to my knowledge the way to issue a global hotkey by pressing a button on a toolbar of a window other than the main window is as follows:

  • Add a Global Key Command to the Map Window in which you want the activating button on the toolbar.
  • Add button text, tooltip text and button icon graphic as desired
  • Define a Global Key Command to initiate the desired action
  • Define a Global Hotkey trait in a Game Piece that will be “triggered” by the Global Key Command defined above

The request is for a Global Hotkey sub-component of any map window that can have a button in that map’s toolbar like a Global Key Command sub-component of a map window in Vassal 4. This could be like the Action Button described here: VASSAL Reference Manual

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It sounds like you are asking for the Action Button to be allowed in Map components and not just at module level like it is now. I requested this a while ago and @Brent_Easton advised that it would be straightforward to do. Unfortunately it missed out on v3.6, so I’ve been hoping that a v3.7 will happen.

If I’ve understood your request right, certainly Action Button would make more sense that some feature purely restricted to issuing a GHK, especially if it’s easier to implement.

I also requested a related thing, which I imagine is just as straightforward - the Startup Action Button..

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Yes, and consideration should be given to changing the name to maybe Toolbar Button to avoid confusion with the Action Button trait available to game pieces.